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Healthcare in Kelowna

medical care in Kelowna

Medical care in Kelowna Kelowna, British Columbia is a place where people come to heal. They may be healing from disease, stress or simply the burden of working for a lifetime, in the form of retirement. The reason people flock to Kelowna for healing is because Kelowna is a therapeutic place to be on many levels. The natural environment of Kelowna brings people from all over the world to experience its beauty, recreation and bounty. The resources for restoring mental health and clarity are numerous, ranging from spiritual retreats to spa getaways to a world class mental health industry. And the medical facilities and treatment options are some of the most acclaimed in Western Canada. People feel restored by their time in Kelowna, both mentally and physically.

Kelowna is situated in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, which is a gem of an area for scenic beauty. The very tip of the Sonoran Desert meets the pine forest of Canada in this region and creates a very pleasant, temperate climate that is ideal for agriculture and culinary tourism. In addition to the climate, the region is full of huge lakes and is surrounded by vast mountain ranges, creating an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Simply spending time in these surroundings, if not fully interacting with them, is enough to heal a person of anything that is bringing them down.

In addition to Kelowna’s natural, therapeutic beauty, it is also an area where the medical and mental health sciences flourish immensely. Kelowna is home to several world class health facilities and treatment centers, such as a high quality rehab and a large hospital psych ward, that have attracted the expertise of some of Canada’s finest doctors and specialists. Kelowna has a reputation for being a place to recover from disease, disorders and illnesses under the best medical and mental health care that can be found in Western Canada.

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