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How the City is Responding

Kelowna, British Columbia, is a picturesque city located on the stunning Okanagan Lake. With its beautiful landscape, high-end restaurants, and family-friendly attractions, it’s easy to see why it has become a coveted destination for vacationers and year-round residents.

But beneath the idyllic surface, Kelowna is no different from many other Canadian cities when it comes to its mental health problems. Recent statistics on substance use, suicide, and mental health emergency calls show a disturbing upward trend.

To address the rapidly growing issue of mental health in the city, Kelowna has implemented several programs designed to help those in need. The following discusses some of the initiatives and provides insight into how the city is responding to its mental health crisis.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Programs

Kelowna has long been known as a city with a substance abuse problem — and mental health issues are often linked to substance abuse. To address these two closely related issues, the city has implemented numerous programs to aid the local population.

First, the city offers an on-site substance abuse and mental health counselling program. Through this program, individuals can receive the help they need to get on a path towards better mental health. This program has been successful in helping participants become more well-adjusted and productive members of society.

The city also works closely with local health and addiction services providers to respond to mental health needs in the community. These services can be tailored to meet the individual needs of clients, and can include assessment, individual and group counselling, and skills training.

In addition, the city works with local organizations to provide support and information for those struggling with mental health issues. These services can help individuals and their families to manage their disorder more effectively.

Mental Health Emergencies

Kelowna is one of the few cities in Canada to have implemented a Mental Health Emergency Response Team (MHERT) — a program designed to quickly and effectively respond to mental health emergencies. On a 24/7 basis, the team responds to calls from individuals in distress, providing crisis intervention and assessment.

Kelowna also partners with local hospitals and police forces to ensure that mental health emergencies are met with the most appropriate response. This partnership allows for greater communication between authorities and better coordination of resources when responding to an emergency situation.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide rates in Kelowna have been rising steadily in recent years. To counter this alarming trend, the city has recently implemented a Suicide Prevention Plan. This plan includes initiatives to promote mental health awareness and support, such as the “Pause for Hope” campaign which encourages locals to reach out and start conversations about mental health.

The plan is also designed to strengthen communities by providing resources and support networks to those at risk. The city has developed a range of services to help those struggling and has provided training and resources to schools, health care providers, and first responders so they can recognize and intervene in potential situations of risk.


Mental health issues are an issue that affects everyone and Kelowna is no different. The city has taken active steps to address its mental health problems, and the initiatives they have implemented are making a difference. From providing mental health support services to setting up a Mental Health Emergency Response Team, Kelowna is responding to its mental health crisis in a comprehensive and progressive manner that is helping its residents to reach a better state of mental health.

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