For people who recovered from addiction in Kelwona, the journey does not end there.

It is important to mention that addiction recovery is a lifelong process where the individual needs to be committed to staying sober. This means that they should be more deliberate about their actions, activities, and decisions so that they would not relapse.

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Studies have shown that people who recover from addiction treatment are likely to relapse if proper measures are not in place.

Hence, this is why an aftercare treatment exists, to prevent the risk of relapse from happening. Here are some important reasons why aftercare treatment is needed.

Help with life transitions

Some people may find it hard to settle into their new life after they recover from addiction. And this is why some of them relapse because they find themselves returning to their old way of life. However, with aftercare treatment, they will be able to adjust to their new life without relying on their old habits.

Learn how to identify triggers

When you recover from addiction, it is almost impossible to avoid triggers because they might be anywhere. If you don’t learn how to recognize triggers, they can creep in on you, and you might be back to your addiction.

An example of an addiction trigger might be going to an event where alcohol is likely to be served in excess. This might make someone return to their alcohol addiction if they keep attending such events.

Provide support for lifelong sobriety

Even if someone is declared sober and free of addiction, they still need all the support they can garner to stay that way. In Kelowna, aftercare treatment caters to the emotional, mental, and physical support of people who have recovered from addiction.

Brings loved ones together

Some loved ones of addicted individuals might not be on the good terms with them because of their way of life. After they have recovered from addiction, aftercare treatment helps to mend the rift between the individual and their family and friends.